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Friday, 2 March 2012

Satya Paul

I like all things vibrant.

Colours are beautiful and I love it when a designer is able to fuse different shades together to form a beautiful print and at the moment I think satya Paul is doing a really good job of this!

Ive never ordered online from Satya Paul although I have purchased their saris from retailers. The website is really easy to navigate and I have a few saris on my radar - I believe there are a few UK retailers so will go and check them out myself if not I'll order online.

What I like best about these Sari's is that they stand out, make a statement and there isn't a single embellishment in sight! Its nice to move away from heavy embellishments and in particular net as its hard to find anything these days which doesn't feature one of the two!

Satya Paul have also just launched a new line Take a walk on the wild side’ as the name suggests this range is inspired from the Jungle. This particular line by Satya Paul is made of high quality soft silk fabrics in screen and digital prints. Screen and digital prints seem to be a trend gathering much momentum at the mo....

This collection is mostly tiger and leopard prints but what caught my eye is this lehnga! This is a beautiful ombre lehnga, a  fusion of modern rich ornamental work with traditional Gota texturing. The flouncy lehenga is beautifully complimented with a shaded net dupatta and would make a lovely reception outfit for someone looking for something with a modern/fusion look. At $3000 roughly £1900 this is well priced  bridal designer wear  too - Me like!!

Well once I was finished with looking at lehngas I didn't need I decided to take a peak at other bridal wear - OMG - How gorgeous are these??

This Sari is simply stunning!!!


  1. love the pictures you ve put. satya paul yes is one of a kind! :)
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    Love from Bindigasm

  2. ah such cool saris and lehengas. i love vibrant colors as well. i feel like you just feel happy when you are wearing happy colors. take care.

  3. Some lovely saris! I've seen some beautiful outfits in Phulkari, and Satya Paul always has something breathtaking to look at. Post your sari when you get it, I wanna see!